Pet shoots

What kinds of animals will you photograph?

I will photograph any and all pets! Reptiles, snakes, dogs, cats, Birds, bunnies, fish, hamsters, rats, etc. Literally any pet.

How long does a shoot last, and how much is it?

Mini shoots start at $50 and are 20 minutes, and full shoots start at $75 and are an hour.

My cat/dog/snake is really shy, can you still photograph them?

Absolutely! I find it easier to work with the ANIMAL than to have the animal work with YOU. If they wont come out from under the bed, than I'll make it work. I will however suggest you book a full shoot for shy pets. This gives them time to get used to me and gives more of a chance for them to open up.

Do I come to you, or do you come to me?

Which ever is the easiest for you and your pet. Some animals get nervous in new areas, so I will gladly come to you and photograph where your animal will be most comfortable. But I also have an at home studio that can be used, or we can meet at a local park. Just let me know what kind of photos you are looking for. If you want studio shots, but your cat may be too scared to leave the house, I can bring the studio to you!

Can you photograph more then one pet?

I can photograph up to 3 pets during the time of your shoot, you will however get the same number of final photos as you would with one pet. I recommend booking a full shoot if you are going to want multiple pets photographed, as it gives us more time with each animal.

Portrait Shoots

How many people can be in my shoot?

My prices start at $75 for ONE person. Should you choose to include more people, it's $25 per extra person, but will include the same number of final shots. If you're photographing more then 1 person, you might want to book a couples or family shoot.

Can my pet be in my portrait shoot?

Absolutely! I can include one pet in the shoot with you at no extra cost.

How do you determine the cost of my shoot?

Details, complexity and travel fee, will determine the cost of the shoot. If you're just looking for a new head shot, or profile picture, and there isn't much of a travel fee, or you come to me, the fee will most likely be the starting cost. However if you are looking for something extremely complex, that will require a lot of preparation and post production, it will cost more. All prices will be discussed when booking the shoot.

How long in advance do I need to book?

This entirely depends on my schedule and the kind of shoot you want. It can be an hour before, or it can take a few weeks. Your best bet is to contact me and we can work out the day/time that'll work out best for both of us

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